Complete residential buildings for rent

In 2019 Cyblo will start to develop complete residential buildings (new builds) to fully be dedicated to rental. All our buildings will have common areas so that our tenants can enjoy some outside space outside their home but within the community.

We have realized that if we build our own homes, we will be more satisfied with the quality of the rental product we offer.

 We know what people who make rental their way of living need and appreciate,
that’s why we want to make your life easier with apartments designed especially for you.


New buildings developed by us, this means, buildings designed by the Cyblo team. Residential  buildings of Cyblo which will be completely for rent to young people and  those who have a young spirit. Apartments designed for new generations and different family models, adapted to the spaces you need in a rental home.

We will start building in Picassent, where we are from and where we know the market better, but we are also willing to continue developing building in the area of Valencia and L’Horta Sud (south area) of Valencia.  

Sounds good, right?

We are ready to start the construction! In Cyblo we will live every minute of the construction of the buildings closely, as if they were our own homes, taking care of  every detail in the construction site,  so that our tenants can have homes which offer comfort and quality of life.

Cyblo One

C/ Mestre Serrano, nº 1-A, Picassent, València

The first building developed by Cyblo with 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom  apartments with storage units and common areas.

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