What is Cyblo?

Cyblo Real Estate is a company dedicated uniquely and exclusively to residential assets (apartments). Our scope includes Valencia city and towns close to Valencia which are very well connected.



Our mission is to contribute to the independence and emancipation of young people (and not so young, but young at heart!).



Our desire is to be a recognized company for creating and making available in the market living spaces which have quality at affordable prices and where our tenants (“Cyblers”) can begin to build their own success stories.



The values of Cyblo are solid and we apply them in the day to day: Professionalism, Ethic, Commitment, Proximity, Availability, Search of Excellence and Transparency.

What do we do?

We call it “CCREM” Corporate (Client) Real Estate Management.

And the idea is very simple.

Client Management

We are real estate owners with focus on our clients, because we think they are our best ambassadors. We manage and care professionally about our relationship with every single one of our clients.

Property Management

We manage all the real estate cycle: from selection of the investment to the managing of them, including the selection of our tenants (“Cyblers”), the contract signatures and the hand over of keys.

Asset Management

We preserve the value of our assets, doing all the necessary maintenance of structure elements and assuring they are in good state of preservation, so our tenants (“Cyblers”) feel like at home in our apartments.

Facility Management

We manage and control carefully the services that impact directly in the wellbeing of our tenants (“Cyblers”), in the day to day of the assets (for example: we make sure the common areas of the buildings are kept clean, that the community is quiet area to live in , the lifts and installations work perfectly...) so our tenants (“Cyblers”) have a unique experience in renting with us.

Property Development

In 2019 we started to build complete buildings dedicated to rental, to offer our tenants buildings in which they can feel like at home, within a comunity that shares their same lifestyle and values. In these rental buildings there will be common spaces dedicated to improve the socializing between all the tenants and a space to enjoy outside the apartments, but within the building.

Why to rent with Cyblo?

We give you some reasons to trust us, what are you waiting for?

  • Direct property rental : We own the properties we offer for rent, that’s why we know everthing about our apartments and we care about them a lot.
  • No fees or commissions :  We are not a real estate broker or agency. We do not charge the tenant fees nor commissions for the intermediation in the renting of any of our properties (agency month). It’s a direct and transparent management, without extra- added costs.
  • New apartments with lift :  All our apartments have been built after 2008, complying with the Technical Building Code and have an elevator in the building, to make your life easier. Quality and modern homes! 
  • Property Tax (IBI) Included : In all our apartments the Property Tax (called “IBI” in Spain) which is an anual tax which townhalls request is included, so you don’t have any other additional expenses. 
  • Community Expenses Included : Community expenses are included in the rent. We also go to the community meetings in your representation and we transfer all your proposals. And best of all,  you will never have to be  President of the Community!
  • Flexitime Visits :  We know that finding the perfect apartment requires time, so we offer a flexible visit schedule adapted to your style of life and needs – and you can come as many time as you want to visit the apartment, with whoever you want! 
  • Apartment ready :  We make  sure your apartment is ready before your arrival, so that everything works correctly and start your new life without any problem.
  • We help you with the Services : We make life easier for you: we help you contract the required services in the apartments: electricity, water  and gas supply with the corresponding companies. All our houses have all the necessary documentation (bulletins, certificates, licenses …).
  • We legalize the Deposit : We are transparent and we legalize the deposit within the legal bonds in the corresponding public entities so that if you decide to leave our apartments, if everything is in good condition, you will be guaranteed the return of the deposit. In addition, if you are requesting any public subsidies we give you a copy of your deposit so that you can attach to the application (required).
  • Neutral Spaces : The houses are painted white or light veish and are initially unfurnished, so that you can build your own space, your own story as you prefer. However, in some buildings we offer you the possibility of furnishing the house with the basic elements with an additional cost in the rent. Check the conditions of each building.
  • Close Relationship : We are at your side throughout all your stay with us, we offer you personalized professional advice in reference to housing and we help you in the resolution of incidents. So that you never feel alone.
  • Cyblo Helpbox : We have a close relationship with our tenants (Cyblers) and we are always looking for excellence and improvement of the experience in Cyblo homes. This is why we have created the “Cyblo Helpbox” to always be aware of you and your needs, doubts or ideas. A direct communication channel for the Cyblers with us,  where we guarantee you will get a response from us  in less than 48 hours.

The project

A project for young RENTAL

The space we inhabit. Sometimes we do not realize how important it is until we find ourselves actually living in it. It is inside it, between four walls, where we begin to build our stories, where we recharge our batteries to face the challenges that arise to us the next day, were we take refuge when bad times come and also where we celebrate our successes, reflect, have fun or just rest. Our home is our bubble, our refuge, an intimate and personal place. And when we look for that “nest”, there must be an almost spiritual connection.

Cyblo offers quality living spaces, especially oriented for young people, because we are committed to the independence of young people and of course, at very affordable prices, since we know that you still have many other projects to spend your money. All of this, whilst offering you a personal, human, close and resolutive professional realtionship to make your life easier.

It is time to take a step towards something big, although everything big starts step by step.

What are you waiting for to rent with Cyblo and join the “Cybler” – C Community?

Live your life!

Beatriz Sanchis

Business Manager Cyblo  

About Her

“Dynamic, curious and perfectionist, Beatriz has lived independently in many cities, including: Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Vienna (Austria), Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Valencia, Picassent and Cullera in all kinds of spaces: student residences, boarding houses,  shared apartment with international people, flat with co-workers, apartment on her own, passive community house and even in a modern industrial loft. She knows firsthand the problems of renting and is committed to helping young people become independent. “

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