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At Cyblo Real Estate we believe that the best way to offer you a perfect home is to build it from scratch. For this reason, in 2019 we have started to build developments which are completely ours.

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Cyblo develops building to rent

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CYBLO ONE: Our first development.
Street C/ Maestro Serrano, nº 1-A. Picassent (València)

EPC Rating B

Efficient building with EPC Rating B. High quality apartments, very efficient, which reduce energy consumption up to almost half of what an average Spanish household consumes. A considerable saving in the electricity and water bills.

Heat recovery ventilation system

The hermetic enclosure systems and the high quality of the construction elements prevent heat leaks and considerably reduce energy expenditure, making that the apartment air is not constantly renewed. Due to this, it is essential to use a ventilation system.

The heat recuperator  is a continuous ventilation system of the apartment in which clean air  takes advantage of the hot air that is expelled to heat the incoming cold air. This guarantees a continuous renewal of air in which fans which are low consumption and low noise level. It generates maximum comfort in the apartment, besides energy savings and therefore a great contribution to taking care of the environment.

LED Lighting

All the apartments of Cyblo One have LED lighting installed, to enable you to save on your electric bill.

We support clean energy.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

In Cyblo One we have used thermal insulators to maintain the interior temperature of the apartment.

The clinker brick used the façade is a great thermal and acoustic insulator, it’s impermeability and its resistance to combustion contributes to have a higher hardness and durability than the rest of the bricks in the market.

In addition, inside the apartment we have installed rock wool on the walls, which is also a thermal and acoustic insulator.

By doing all of this, we achieve efficient and energy-saving apartments in Cyblo One, taking care of the environment.

Aluminium windows

We have chosen for the windows of Cyblo One a premium quality aluminum frames that makes it more resistant, safe and hardly inflammable, in addition to making its maintenance easier. The dark gray color contrasts with the white ceramic tiles in the façade. Perfect !

Thanks to the systems used such as: the thermal bridge free, the double glazing, the tilt-and-turn opening systems and the micro-ventilation, we obtain windows that insulate the apartment fullly.

They constitute energy savings and create great comfort at home in all Cyblo One apartments.

 Thermal bridge free windows

Cyblo One windows are thermal bridge free. 

A thermal bridge is an area where heat is more easily transmitted. In a window, it is what causes the typical condensations of water or the area through which the heat of the apartment escapes, since it transmits the cold from the outside.

A thermal bridge free system consists of installing a material that is a poor conductor of temperature between the inside and outside of the window. By installing a double glazing, we increase the insulation, prevent heat losses from being greatly reduced and condensation is limited. All this contributes to energy savings and a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Tilt and turn opening windows with micro-ventilation

The windows of Cyblo One apartments have tilt-and-turn opening stystems and micro-ventilation.

The tilt-and-turn opening system allows, in windows where it is fully opened (which are not sliding)  to have a top opening of about 10 cm. With this opening separation, we manage to get a very good ventilation surface without having to open it fully.

The micro-ventilation system allows the glass to be fully attached to the window or door frame, without being tightly closed. It facilitates good ventilation of the apartment without having the windows open.

CLIMALIT double glazing

The glazing on the windows and swing doors that face the exterior in Cyblo One apartments are CLIMALIT glass , which is highly resistant to impacts and thermal changes. They offer us a very safe material that controls the interior temperature of the apartment. It decreases the entry of unwanted energy whilst insulating the apartment. This allows the apartment not to heat up in summer, nor to cool down in winter.

In addition, they have a mirror effect on the outside that gives privacy inside the apartment, without affecting the brightness and light that enters the apartment. All this contributes to greater comfort in the home.


Aerothermy is the latest generation heat pumps designed to provide hot water supply throughout the year.

Aerothermal systems are a clean technology that extracts up to 80% of the energy from the air for free.

Among the characteristics of this machinery are: high efficiency, since it consumes less energy than traditional systems, it requires almost no maintenance, it is a much simpler installation, better than non-renewable energy and with lower energy consumption.

Heating and cooling unit

We want that all of our apartments in Cyblo One building have all the comforts, therefore we have also installed  air conditioning units which are cold / heat of 4300 refrigerators and 5160 calories.

These equipments are perfect to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the apartment, both in winter and in summer in a very efficient manner. They have energy label A ++ / A + and they are also very quiet.

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